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Asterfusion® PX NPB Switch

Provides basic NPB functions such as traffic aggregation, distribution and replication for network visibility applications


High Flexibility


Full Port Wire Speed


High Cost Performance

Product Specs

Product modelInterfaceSwitching Capacity
48 x 10GE SFP+, 6 x 100GE QSFP28


48 x 10GE Base-T, 6 x 100GE QSFP28


48 x 25G SFP28, 6 x 100GE QSFP28


32 x 100GE QSFP28


Why Asterfusion® PX NPB Switch?

  • Flexible parsing of new protocols and tunnel encapsulations

    Different from the legacy switching chips, the programmable switching ASIC inside the Asterfusion® PX NPB Switch can support software-defined parsing of new protocols and tunnel encapsulations,helping customers respond flexibly to various complex network environments.

  • Wire-speed NPB packet processing

    Based on the programmable switching ASIC,Asterfusion® PX switch can not only carry out basic NPB functions such as traffic aggregation, distribution and replication but also support advanced packet processing functions like packet truncation, time-stamping, tunnel encapsulation/decapsulation, tunnel termination, etc at the wire-speed.

  • Multi-layer concurrent policy execution

    Asterfusion® PX switch can execute different traffic policies at the ingress interface, intermediate link and egress interface respectively. At the same time, it can support flow aggregation, distribution,, replication, load balancing and homology functions. It also has the flexibility to set multiple concurrent filtering policies from layers L2 to L7, which would greatly simplify the configuration process for network administrators when dealing with complex traffic policies.

  • Resilient Hash flow load balancing

    Asterfusion® PX switch supports resilient flow load balancing mechanism. When a link in the load balancing group fails, this mechanism will just redirect the traffic on the failed link onto other links and at the same time ensure that the traffic on the original normal link will not be affected, and thus minimizing the impact of the link failure.

Value Propositions

Minimizing the NPB network complexity

Asterfusion® PX switch can be used to form a network NPB matrix. With NPB matrix, network administrators would only need to focus on the input & output traffic of the matrix and can then easily accomplish the unified collection and centralized provisioning of NPB traffic.

Flexible capacity

Asterfusion® PX switch can fit into the flexible CLOS fabric architecture. Administrators can flexibly expand or contract the fabric scale according to the amount of collected traffic and analysis system requirements.

Application Scenarios


Basic traffic flow aggregation & distribution

Scenario 1

Asterfusion® PX switch contains high-density Ethernet interfaces of 10GE/25GE/40GE/100GE and can provide uniform traffic collection, aggregation and distribution functions for various network visibility environments, thus offering users a basic network visibility platform for fulfilling the needs of data observation, presentation and value extraction on the NBP traffic.


Inner-tunnel IP tupplet load-balancing

Scenario 2

The programmable switching ASIC in Asterfusion® PX switch can carry out load-balancing function on the inner layer packet of various tunnels including GTP, GRE, MPLS, VXLAN, etc; providing customers with a cost-effective inner-tunnel IP tupplet load-balancing solution.


Packet truncation applications

Scenario 3

Asterfusion® PX switch supports wire-speed packet truncation. This function can be widely deployed in various scenarios such as video surveillance network, data center performance monitoring, and security compliance assurance. By truncating NPB packets, Asterfusion® PX switch can significantly reduce analytical systems’workload and therefore reduce the total CAPEX of NPB systems.

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