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Asterfusion® Tapplet
Virtual Network Traffic Collection System

Provides functions such as packet preprocessing, tunnel encapsulation and virtual & east-west traffic flow collection for cloud data center visibility applications.

About Asterfusion® Tapplet

East-west inter-server traffic which accounts for 80% of data center traffic and the server internal virtual machine/container traffic will be the two main focuses in cloud data center visibility applications. Asterfusion Tapplet not only can provide the adequate solution to address these two main focuses but also can support various preprocessing of these two collected traffic flows.

Why Asterfusion® Tapplet?

  • Targeted Traffic Collection

    Asterfusion® Tapplet can support traffic collection on both east-west inter-server traffic and server internal virtual traffic for specific tenants. Coupled with Asterfusion PX NPB switches, Asterfusion® Tapplet can provide a comprehensive cloud data center traffic collection solution.

  • Tenant Information Extraction and Tagging

    Asterfusion® Tapplet supports the extraction and tagging of tenant information (e.g. VLAN-ID & VxLAN-VNI) from collected packets, which will not only enable traffic collection, distribution and preprocessing on the per-tenant basis but also can reduce the workload of back-end analytical systems.

  • Pre-processing of collected traffic

    Asterfusion® Tapplet supports not only the basic packet functions such as five-tuple filtering, packet truncation, time stamping, and priority tagging but also various data pre-processing functions on collected packets. This combination of basic packet functions and data pre-processing functions would enable Asterfusion® Tapplet to fit in nicely to various application deployment scenarios.

  • Status monitoring and overload protection

    Asterfusion® Tapplet can constantly monitor its own status; if the loading of packet collection and preprocessing exceeds Tapplet’s processing capacity, Asterfusion® Tapplet will stop packet preprocessing and issue an alarm.

  • Automatic Deployment

    Asterfusion® Tapplet supports the automatic deployment through an atomic-level REST API interface; Tapplet NPB traffic collection policy can be configured and managed through Asterfusion Fabric Controller, AFC. At the same time, Asterfusion® Tapplet can also provide a service-level REST API for cloud data center operating systems and hence, can fully comply to standard scheduling and automated management procedures in the cloud data centers.

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