Through our patented distributed routing algorithm and its associated forwarding logic, PICFA™ fully reconstructs the control plane and data plane of the cloud networks, completely getting rid of the inefficient centralized routing structure and forwarding logic held in the legacy networks.

Asterfusion Next-Gen Cloud Switches

CX Series

Based on the generic SDN (Software Defined Network) architecture and a comprehensive understanding of cloud network requirements, Asterfusion has designed an open, intelligent, application-visible, and ultra-high performance CX series cloud switching platform for next-generation cloud data centers.

Asterfusion Versatility Switches
NX Series

With programmable hardware platform, high-speed/high-port-density interface design and full line-rate layer-2/3 packet forwarding, NX versatility switches can help users build new generation of cloud data center networks with full Cloud OS convergence, integrated NFV, superior fabric scalability and reliability.

Asterfusion Network Visibility Switches
PX Series

With high performance and high 100G port density, PX network visibility switches focus on traffic capture and distribution for mobile core networks, MAN, IDC and enterprise campus networks, enabling users to rapidly deploy their network applications with great flexibilities.

Service Chaining

Asterfusion NX versatility switches can be used to build secured, reliable, flexible and streamlined high-throughput egress WAN connections for high-end campuses and/or data centers.

Member and Distributor of Open Network Communities

As a provider of next-generation cloud network infrastructure solutions, Asterfusion redefines cloud computing network architecture for users with leading Software Defined Network (SDN) solutions, working with our partners to deliver the promise of Re-Engineering the Cloud Networks. 

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