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Products for Next-gen Cloud Network

In response to the challenges faced by traditional cloud networks in terms of network openness, Asterfusion proposes the solution of “fully open cloud network” – re-architecting the cloud network in the cloud computing era from the underlying design.

Asterfusion has a large number of patented technologies, based on a highly software-defined architecture, a completely open and easy-to-use operating system and an open hardware platform, to achieve the following goals.

– Giving cloud users a truly elastic and ultra-high performance virtual network
– Provides purely open interfaces and automated deployment scheduling for cloud administrators
– Build programmable and visual business environments for cloud developers

Asterfusion’s cloud networking products can help you build an open infrastructure network in a variety of scenarios, including data center cloud networks, cloud edge gateways, converged enhanced Ethernet, egress network security architecture upgrades, and 5G cloud-enabled networks, thus unlocking the full potential of cloud networks and allowing the technology dividends of the open network ecosystem to benefit a wide range of industries.

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