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In response to the challenges faced by traditional cloud networks in terms of network openness, Asterfusion proposes the solution of “fully open cloud network” – re-architecting the cloud network in the cloud computing era from the underlying design.

Asterfusion has a large number of patented technologies, based on a highly software-defined architecture, a completely open and easy-to-use operating system and an open hardware platform, to achieve the following goals.

– Giving cloud users a truly elastic and ultra-high performance virtual network
– Provides purely open interfaces and automated deployment scheduling for cloud administrators
– Build programmable and visual business environments for cloud developers

Asterfusion’s cloud networking products can help you build an open infrastructure network in a variety of scenarios, including data center cloud networks, cloud edge gateways, converged enhanced Ethernet, egress network security architecture upgrades, and 5G cloud-enabled networks, thus unlocking the full potential of cloud networks and allowing the technology dividends of the open network ecosystem to benefit a wide range of industries.

Open Architecture

Open source NOS & open white-box hardware platforms for NetDevOps-enabled cloud networking

High Performance

Ultra high performance & ultra high capacity for agile and efficient cloud networking

Service Visibility

Intelligent OAM and operation optimization for highly secured cloud networking

Re-architecting the Cloud Network in the Cloud Computing Era

from the underlying design

Asterfusion re-architects the cloud network in the era of cloud computing – making the cloud network, like compute and storage, also equipped with the three characteristics of “open hardware”, “standard kernel” and “automatic management”, so that these three infrastructures of the cloud can be completely managed by Clous OS, and achieve on-demand scaling and automatic scheduling.

  • Standard Kernel

    The standard Linux kernel running on a hardware platform provides an open OS kernel support for upper layer applications. DevOps tools that are widely used in the industry can run on network devices, and any third-party applications can also run on this standard Linux kernel in the form of containers.

  • Automated Management

    Asteria Fabric Controller and the switch system running AsterNOS together form a Cloud SDN platform for services and applications in the cloud. On this platform, all network capabilities are open to Cloud OS for trial in the form of RESTful APIs. Cloud OS is able to deploy and schedule cloud networks from the business perspective completely automatically, and cloud administrators no longer need to pay attention to the underlying network details.

    AsterNOS provides a device-level control plane for the Asterfusion cloud network with SONiC/SAI as the kernel, and AsterNOS’s support for SAI (Switch Abstraction Interface) completely decouples hardware and software – AsterNOS is compatible with any SAI-compliant hardware, and Asterfusion’s switching hardware can support any SAI-compliant NOS running on it.

  • Open Hardware Platform

    The underlying white-box devices are designed based on open hardware architecture and commercial programmable switching chips, completely abandoning the private, black-box design philosophy while providing a high-performance operating environment for the upper-layer software.


Enterprise Campus Networks

  • The campus networks which adopt the cloud data center network architecture can support the new generation of features such as ZTP, network telemetry and security policies on-the-go with minimal deployment effort

  • The Asteria SDN cloud network controller can enable the unified operation and maintenance procedures in the Enterprise Campus, Dater Center and NPB Networks

  • Asterfusion SFC (Service Function Chaining) solution provides a stable, flexible and high-performance network exit with Intelligent traffic scheduling of network security resource pools


  • Open network architecture allows flexible customization and automatic network management of cloud services

  • This solution is comparable to the ones in first-tier public cloud service providers and can help our customers increase their competitiveness in public cloud business

  • The operation and maintenance analysis platform enables real-time data analysis of entire networks, reducing the overall TCO and O&M overheads


Telco Regional NOC

  • Asterfusion switches can on-demand horizontally scale-up and provide up to the Pbps level of mixed data & signaling traffic correlation and distribution

  • With patented LTE signaling distribution methodology, Asterfusion switches support signaling self-learning and link diagnosis, ensuring that the system configuration no longer depends on the work reference table

  • The operation and maintenance analysis platform enables real-time data analysis of the entire network and thus reducing the overall TCO and O&M overheads

CX Series Switch based Layer 2 switching function demonstration

  • ECN
  • IPv6
  • VLAN
  • MC-LAG
  • LLDP
  • PFC
  • VRF
  • ONIE
  • ZTP

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