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Asterfusion® X3-T
Network & Compute Convergence Switch

Provides network users a fully open, programmable, and high performance switching platform for cloud data center network applications such as Smart Gateway, Smart ToR and NFV

Product Specs

Product modelInterfaceSwitching Capacity
48 x 25GE SFP28 , 12 x 100GE QSFP28


Why Asterfusion® X3-T Switch?

  • Fully open, programmable hardware architecture

    Asterfusion® CX-T switches can support advanced networking functions such as DCB, ECN, RoCE, DCTCP, DCQCN, and multi-path resilient hash needed in building converged Ethernet networks with low latency, near-zero packet loss, and line-rate performance packet forwarding, achieving triple convergence of Compute, Storage, and Network service functions in modern cloud data centers.

  • Easy-to-use P4 programmable features

    Asterfusion® X3-T switch adopts the industry-leading PISA 1 architecture, a fully pipelined programmable switching ASIC design. When compared with existing and fixed-function switches, Asterfusion® X3-T switch with the P4 programmable switching ASIC can support features like programmable protocol parsing, programmable resource allocation, programmable forwarding logic, etc. and fully complies with the P4.org standards.

    1 PISA – Protocol Independent Switch Architecture
  • Out-of-the-box, flexible and agile development environment

    Asterfusion® X3-T switch can be run with the open and easy-to-use AsterNOS-Framework. AsterNOS-Framework integrates the P4 Runtime as a container into the SONiC-Light (a light-weight SONiC) system, in which developers not only can use SONiC to develop comprehensive control & management plane functions in accordance with their NetDevOps requirements but also can develop a flexible P4 data plane functions in accordance with their application needs.

  • Intelligent service processing capabilities and a complete development environment

    Each Asterfusion® X3-T switch can support up to two multi-core ARM SoC intelligent service processing units and each processing unit contains tenths of network co-processor cores. These network co-processor cores can significantly improve Asterfusion® X3-T switch’s performance in complex service functions. At the same time, Asterfusion® X3-T switch comes with a basic network operating system framework, FusionNOS-Framework. Network developers can use FusionNOS-Framework as the foundation to develop their own upper-layer applications and can accelerate application porting & development process.

  • Automatic installation with ONIE (Open Network Install Environment)

    Asterfusion® X3-T switch comes with preinstalled ONIE, a software module in which almost any network operating system software can be installed from; thus offering network administrators the capability of the automatic installation, upgrade and management of network operating systems for thousands of data center switches.

Value Propositions

Enhancing computing power and innovate applications

Asterfusion® X3-T switch enables functions such as in-depth services processing and applications offload. It can significantly offload the computing pressure on the back-end application systems. With the combination of programmable switch chip and ARM SoC computing power, Asterfusion® X3-T switch can provide a hardware platform for users to implement their various innovative ideas and enable users to move forward toward open programmable cloud networks.

Improving development efficiency

Asterfusion® CX-T switches combined with AFC (Asteria Fabric Controller) and K8s/OpenStack CNI & Neutron plug-ins can allow cloud data center administrators to automatically provision and offload overlay network configurations using the process compatible with their standard operational procedures. Through the REST APIs Asterfusion CX-T switches can also be integrated and controlled by third-party or customers’ own management platforms for unified & efficient cloud data center control, orchestration and management.

Minimizing new application development difficulties

Asterfusion has been an active participant and contributor to major international open source communities and has strong R&D capabilities. Therefore,Asterfusion is capable of providing customers with a full range of expert consulting services about the infinite possibilities of new functions and applications in this new open networking era.

Investment protection through data plane software upgrade

Compared with fixed-function switching chip, the protocol-independent switching chip used in Asterfusion® X3-T Switches can adapt new functions needed for emerging network protocols and business applications through a data plane software development process. This data plane software development cycle normally takes a few weeks while similar functional changes in the fixed-function switching chip would involve multi-years of ASIC development efforts. The deployment of new functions in the Asterfusion® X3-T switches will go through the software upgrade process with zero impacts on the hardware platform and hence, protect customers’ capital equipment investment.

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