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Asterfusion® Helium DPU

Enable customers to build high-performance intelligent programmable networks while preserving valuable computing resources in servers and reducing the total CAPEX of cloud data centers

About Asterfusion® Helium DPU

Asterfusion 25GE Helium DPU is equipped with a high-performance DPU ASIC and complies with PCIe standard and Ethernet protocol. It provides PCIe x16 Gen4.0 lane interface and up to 100Gbps multi-functional service processing capability.

Network card modelHelium EC1004/2004
Network Interface
4 x 25GE SFP28
Host interface
PCIe x 16 Gen4.0
Management port
1xConsole Micro USB + 1xGE RJ45 Management port

Why Asterfusion® Helium DPU?

  • High Performance

    With the high-performance DPU ASIC which contains 24 high-performance ARM processor cores along with multiple integrated hardware-acceleration co-processors, Asterfusion® Helium DPU can provide upto 100Gbps multi-functional service processing capability.

  • Easy portability

    Through a very simple compilation process, various x86-based DPDK applications and generic Linux drivers can be easily ported to Asterfusion® Helium DPU.

  • Wide-Range of Applications

    Asterfusion Helium SmartNIC can be deployed into a wide-range of application scenarios such as network acceleration, security acceleration, and storage acceleration

Value Propositions

CAPEX Reduction

Asterfusion® Helium DPU can offload and accelerate network, compute, and storage functions; preserving valuable computing resources in servers and reducing the total CAPEX of cloud data centers.

Agile Development

Asterfusion® CX-T switches combined with AFC (Asteria Fabric Controller) and K8s/OpenStack CNI & Neutron plug-ins can allow cloud data center administrators to automatically provision and offload overlay network configurations using the process compatible with their standard operational procedures. Through the REST APIs Asterfusion CX-T switches can also be integrated and controlled by third-party or customers’ own management platforms for unified & efficient cloud data center control, orchestration and management.

Simplify Deployment Process

Asterfusion® Helium DPU can support various NFV functions offload and completely isolate applications running on Smart NICs from ones running on servers, thus simplifying application deployment.

Application Scenarios

Network Acceleration

Scenario 1

Asterfusion® Helium DPU supports network function accelerations such as VTEP, OVS offload, TCP offload, GRE/GTP tunnel encapsulation and decapsulation, reliable UDP, and 5G-UPF acceleration.

Security Acceleration

Scenario 2

Asterfusion® Helium DPU supports security function accelerations such as IPSec, SSL, XDP/eBPF, vFW/vLB/vNAT, DPI, and DDoS defense.

Storage Acceleration

Scenario 3

Asterfusion® Helium DPU supports storage function accelerations such as NVMe-oF(TCP) and data compression/decompression.

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