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Asterfusion® ET3000A
Open Computing Switch

Provides flexible and efficient service processing in application scenarios such as edge computing, network NPB and NFV offload.

Product Specs

Product modelInterfaceScalable Storage
24 x 10GE Base-T, 4 x 100GE QSFP28

4 x M.2 NVMe

12 x 10GE SFP+, 2 x 100GE QSFP28

2 x M.2 NVMe

Why Asterfusion® ET3000A Switch?

Flexible connectivity through High-density interface

In a 1U rack space, Asterfusion® ET3000A switch can provide up to 4*100GE interfaces and 24*10GE interfaces. Each 100 GE interface is of QSFP28 form factor and can be expanded to 4*10GE interfaces through break-out cables, and thus supports up to 40*10GE interfaces.

Intelligent Service Processing Unit

The network protocol processor in the Asterfusion® ET3000A Intelligent Service Processing Unit can carry out functions such as packet parsing, SSL encryption and decryption at high-speed. It can also provide high-performance processing for various users’ network application deployments and meet the increasing traffic demand and diversified applications.

Easy portability

With the general-purpose ARM multi-core processor inside the Asterfusion® ET3000A Intelligent Service Processing Unit, developers can deploy almost all network applications such as OVS, VPP and NGINX, into Asterfusion® ET3000A switch. Coupled with container and virtualization technologies, Asterfusion® ET3000A switch can easily support the porting of the various applications running on x86-based architecture onto the ARM architecture, so it can effectively meet customers’ needs for innovations in server resource visibility, edge computing, network function offloads, etc in the era of cloud computing.

Value Propositions

Development cost Reduction

Asterfusion® ET3000A switch comes with a basic network operating system framework, FusionNOS-Framework. Network developers can use FusionNOS-Framework as the foundation to develop their own upper-layer applications, thus reducing the development cost.

Operating cost Reduction

Asterfusion® ET3000A switch adopts the industry-leading low-power chips and advanced PCB design process. It consumes only 240W even when all the chips are runnig at high-speed, thus reducing customers’ operating cost.

Application Scenarios

Network NPB and acceleration processing

Scenario 1

When running with the Asterfusion network operating system, the SoC processor inside Asterfusion® ET3000A switch can support advanced network NPB functions like SSL encryption and decryption, packet de-duplication, signaling correlation marking, etc. , Asterfusion® ET3000A switch can offload the processing of network traffic in back-end analytical systems and meet the overall needs of system performance, power consumption and TCO.

5G UPF application

Scenario 2

As a key network function of 5G core network, UPF is usually deployed in virtual container format to carry out core functions like data traffic routing & processing, etc. With AsterNOS network operating system, Asterfusion® ET3000A switch can support UPF application deployment with functions such as data forwarding, traffic QOS, and PFCP session management, thus providing customers a light-weight and low-cost 5G-UPF application deployment platform.


NFV acceleration offload in cloud network

Scenario 3

Asterfusion® ET3000A switch can support efficient NFV deployments. Through offloading network functions from servers, Asterfusion® ET3000A switch can alleviate the problems such as computing performance degradation and increased OAM complexity usually encountered in the traditional NFV deployment model, thus improving overall cloud network efficiency.

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