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Asterfusion® ET1600
Open Computing Switch

Provides flexible network & application NPB service processing such as traffic probing

Product Specs

Product modelInterfaceSwitching Capacity
8 x 1GE copper, 2 x 10GE SFP+, 2 x 1GE SFP


Why Asterfusion® ET1600 Switch?

  • High-density Ethernet interfaces

    In a 1U and half-width rack space, Asterfusion® ET1600 switch can provide up to 8 * 1GE copper interfaces, 2 * 10GE SFP+ interfaces and 2 * 1GE SFP interfaces. Equipped with a compact size but versatile interface types, Asterfusion® ET1600 switch can be deployed into a variety of network environments.

  • Flexible processing capability

    The network protocol processor inside the high-performance multi-core ARM SoC intelligent service processing unit of Asterfusion® ET1600 switch can carry out functions such as packet parsing, packet modification and protocol processing for collected traffic.

  • High stability and high reliability

    Asterfusion® ET1600 switch contains a highly-integrated and matured general-purpose processor chip and can work reliably in the 0~40℃ temperature range. Its hardware is designed specifically for high availability and reliability .

Value Propositions

Development cost Reduction

Asterfusion® ET1600 switch comes with a basic network operating system framework, FusionNOS-Framework. Network developers can use FusionNOS-Framework as the foundation to develop their own upper-layer applications, thus reducing the development cost.

Operating cost Reduction

Asterfusion® ET1600 switch adopts the industry-leading low-power chips and advanced board-level design process. It consumes only 30W even when all the chips are running at high-speed, thus reducing customers’ operating cost.

Application Scenarios


Security situational awareness front-end

Scenario 1

Asterfusion® ET1600 switch can be used as a front-end probe and extract metadata from collected traffic according to IP, TCP, UDP and other protocols; it can also provide back-end big data systems with Kafka format logs for complete network security analysis.


Network NPB front-end

Scenario 2

Asterfusion® ET1600 switch can be used in network NPB front-end and can carry out traffic aggregation, distribution, filtering, packet pre-processing and other functions. It can simplify the packet processing in the back-end analytical systems and improve the overall operational efficiency of the network NPB infrastructure.

Hardware-based Firewall

Scenario 3

Asterfusion® ET1600 switch can be used as an egress network firewall. When a link failure occurs, Asterfusion® ET1600 switch can directly connect to the egress network because it contains one set of Bypass ports, which can bypass failed links and will not create any link breakdown. When running with the Asterfusion network operating system, Asterfusion® ET1600 switch can support security traffic control function. When compared with virtual firewall, Asterfusion® ET1600 switch can alleviate the problem of low network performance associated with software-based firewall while at the same time, it has the advantages of low cost, low power consumption and compact size.

Application Delivery Hardware Platform

Scenario 3

When running with the Asterfusion network operating system, the multi-core ARM SoC intelligent service processing units inside Asterfusion® ET1600 switch can support comprehensive application layer protocol parsing, and offers in-depth analysis of users’ service and application content, thus providing users with an intelligent application delivery platform.

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