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Network Packet Broker

This is not just Network Packet Broker, but a new generation of visual front-end architecture integrating traffic collection, traffic analysis, data extraction and application analysis.

Based on the design concept of Asterfusion’s Network Visibility Matrix, you only need to focus on traffic input and output, and you can easily achieve unified traffic collection and centralized provisioning.

Asterfusion’s Network Visibility Matrix is built on SDN, virtualization, DPI and other technologies and high-performance programmable hardware and software platforms. Our NPB devices are equipped with basic NPB functions (e.g. traffic replication, load balancing, etc.) and advanced service processing functions (e.g. application layer protocol matching, feature code matching, SSL encryption and decryption, message de-duplication and desensitization, etc.), providing customized data sources for back-end data analysis, enabling network monitoring, application analysis, security compliance, fault diagnosis and other service analysis systems, and offloading their data processing work.

In addition, we support centralized control of SDN cloud network controllers and provide virtual network traffic collection system (Tapplet) to meet the deployment needs in different scenarios.

Unified hardware platform

Programmable, high-performance open hardware architecture

Comprehensive product offering

1GE-100GE acquisition ports, highly reliable hardware design, virtual traffic acquisition software available

Advanced message processing functions

Provide customized data sources for back-end data analysis to meet the needs of multiple scenarios


Telco Regional NOC

  • Asterfusion switches can on-demand horizontally scale-up and provide up to the Pbps level of mixed data & signaling traffic correlation and distribution

  • With patented LTE signaling distribution methodology, Asterfusion switches support signaling self-learning and link diagnosis, ensuring that the system configuration no longer depends on the work reference table

  • The operation and maintenance analysis platform enables real-time data analysis of the entire network and thus reducing the overall TCO and O&M overheads


Campus & Data Center

  • Asterfusion provides industry-leading open network solutions, enabling sharing technology dividends with first-tier Internet client companies

  • This overall end-to-end solution can reduce multi-vendor overheads through a one-stop delivery process

  • This solution enables on-demand horizontal scaling of application visibility in the entire process, simplifying O&M and reducing TCO

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