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Unwavering Commitment to Open Networking

Re-engineer the cloud network

You Can Always Find an Awesome and
a Comprehensive Open Cloud Networking Solution Here

· Production-proven SONiC-based NOS
· Open white-box hardware platforms with a variety of switching ASICs
· SDN controller that seamlessly interfaces with the cloud

Open Architecture

Open source NOS & open white-box hardware platforms for NetDevOps-enabled cloud networking

High Performance

Ultra high performance & ultra high capacity for agile and efficient cloud networking

Service Visibility

Intelligent OAM and operation optimization for highly secured cloud networking


We Provide the Industry-Leading & Production-Proven SONiC Distribution

By supplementing key missing operational functions and customizing users’ unique features, Asterfusion has successfully run SONiC on a variety of switching ASIC hardware platforms in the production environment.


Bringing technology dividends of open networking to all vertical-industries


Open Source

With open source SONiC in its kernel, AsterNOS unlocks the black box architecture of legacy networking systems; completely decoupling networking services and applications from propriety network hardware platforms.


Fully Open

With the container-based architecture, AsterNOS supports the development and integration of 3rd-party applications. AsterNOS can allow the network to be as open as compute and storage by fully integrating CNI/Neutron plug-in with cloud data center OS such as K8s & OpenStack.


Easy to Use

AsterNOS has supplemented open-source SONiC with essential OAM features for ease of operation and maintenance in production environments and, at the same time, supports rapid customization development.

True Open Networking Solutions

Open-source software + white-box hardware platforms

CX-T P4 Programmable Switch
CX-N Ultra-Low Latency Switch

About Us

Asterfusion could help our customers redefine their cloud networking infrastructure with our industry-leading and true SDN solutions, and would work closely with industry eco-partners to fulfill the vision of “re-engineering the cloud networks”.





million RMB in Round A Funding


R&D centers


yearly revenue growth rate in main-stream products

Open Source Community Alliance


Open Networking Foundation









Deployed and Trusted by Hundreds of Companies

Some of our customers, updated by April 18th,2022

“Asterfusion CX switches are the first SONiC-based data center switches we have ever tested and verified. Some of the customized features we proposed were not only developed and implemented on the CX switches in a very short time, but also have consistently passed several of our beta-test scenarios. We will start deploying them in our production networks very soon and we expect them to improve our O&M efficiency by over 30%. Asterfusion is a technology leader in the SONiC switching field with abundant design experience and we look forward to the future long-term collaborations between our two companies.”


“The main reason we collaborated with Asterfusion is because we know that Asterfusion not only has in-depth technical accumulations in the telco carrier field but also a very thorough understanding in enterprise vertical industries. The products and solutions Asterfusion provided to us can fully meet our project needs and we are also very satisfied with their impeccable after-sales supports & services. In the future, we would like to deepen our cooperation with Asterfusion and further expand our applications in the telco carriers and various enterprise vertical industries.”


“Asterfusion’s SFC (Service Function Chaining) solution is a technology breakthrough to traditional network security boundary architecture. It can support network boundary to forward traffic and orchestrate security services through the SDN technology. Currently Asterfusion’s SFC is being deployed in the core nodes of our entire network and has helped us accomplish flexible expansion, on-demand provisioning, and auto failure bypass of network security services, which brings about great flexibility and controllability into our daily network OAM operations, verifications, and deliverables”

-South-Central Minzu University

“To a distributed privacy computing solution provider like us, network performance is crucial to our provided services. Due to this consideration, we have chosen Asterfusion to be our key technology partner because Asterfusion CX-N ultra-low latency switches can provide sub-micro-second packet cut-through latency and meet our service requirements. In addition, we believe Asterfusion’s comprehensive product lines and technical solutions can ensure efficient operations of our provided services and we further expect Asterfusion’s container-based network solutions would be the prime focus of our next-step of collaborations”


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