Asterfusion® PX-T NPB Switch

  • PX312P-48Y-T
  • PX532P-T
  • PX564P-T

Deployed as the front-end of the network and application visibility infrastructure, carrying out basic NPB functions as well as in-depth packet processing on the SPAN or mirror traffic

P4 Programming

In-depth service processing

Mobile core network Session Reconstruction

Product Specs

Product modelInterfaceSwitching Capacity
48 x 25GE SFP28, 12 x 100GE/40GE QSFP28/QSFP+


32 x 100GE QSFP28


64 x 100GE QSFP28


Value Propositions

Flexible capacity expansion through Modular design

The high performance multi-core ARM SoC and their associated memory capacity of the intelligent service processing units inside the Asterfusion® PX-T switch can be customized and expanded according to the performance requirements of the users' application scenarios. Besides the ease of capacity expansion,Asterfusion® PX-T switch also provide a high price/performance ratio through the modular design architecture.

TCO Reduction in NPB Network Deployment

With high performance multi-core ARM SoC intelligent service processing units,Asterfusion® PX-T Switches can provide abundant general-purpose computing power needed to implement in-depth service processing functuoins such as SSL decryption, packet de-duplication, packet desensitization, etc. while at the same time,reduce analytical systems’ workload and therefore, reducing the total number of analytical system clusters and lowering the TCO in NPB network deployment.

Data plane software upgrade for investment protection

Compared with fixed-function switching chip, the protocol-independent switching chip used in Asterfusion® PX-T Switches can adapt new functions needed for emerging network protocols and business applications through a data plane software development process. This data plane software development cycle normally takes a few weeks while similar functional changes in the fixed-function switching chip would involve multi-years of ASIC development efforts. The deployment of new functions in the Asterfusion PX-T switches will go through the software upgrade process with zero impacts on the hardware platform and hence, protect customers' capital equipment investment.

OAM simplification

Asterfusion® PX-T Switches can be deployed along with AFC (Asteria Fabric Controller) for efficient control, orchestration and management.AFC can support network topology auto-discovery and multi-dimensional network monitoring functions and hence greatly simplify users' OAM operations.

Why Asterfusion® PX-T NPB Switch

Cost-effective inner-tunnel IP tupplet load-balancing

Asterfusion® PX-T switch contains a P4 programmable switching ASIC and P4-optimized operating software. It can identify various tunneling packet formats and support the fine-grain flow load-balancing based on the 5-tupples of inner-tunnel IP packet header. Compared with other solutions such as FPGAs and MIPS, Asterfusion® PX-T switch offers a 10 times higher cost/performance ratio.

Flexible and in-depth NPB processing

Based on the programmable switching ASIC,Asterfusion® PX3-T switch can carry out basic NPB functions such as packet header matching, truncation and modification, offering flexible packet processing with the wire-speed performance. Asterfusion® PX-T switches also contain 2 intelligent service processing units,which can provide advanced service processing functions such as application layer protocol parsing, signature matching, packet de-duplication, SSL decryption, and packet header truncation out.

Multi-layer concurrent policy processing

Asterfusion® PX-T switch can execute different traffic policies at the ingress interface, intermediate link and egress interface respectively and at the same time, support flow aggregation, distribution,, replication, load balancing and homology functions; It also has the flexibility to set multiple concurrent filtering policies at layers L2 to L7, which would greatly simplify the configuration process with complex traffic policies .

Mobile core network traffic correlation marking

Asterfusion® PX-T switch can decode and track identification of signaling protocols running at each interface of mobile core networks; extract signaling packets, re-construct complete sessions and then ensure the load-balancing delivery consistency of the entire session messages to back-end analytical systems; Asterfusion® PX-T Switches can also support correlation marking between signaling-plane traffic and the associated user-plane traffic, thus allowing for intelligent filtering and distribution of correlated traffic.

Resilient Hash flow load balancing

Asterfusion® PX-T switch supports persistent flow load balancing mechanism. When a link in the load balancing group fails, this mechanism will just redirect the traffic on the failed link onto other links and ensure that the traffic on the original normal link will not be affected, and thus minimizing the impact of the failure.

Application Scenarios

In-depth NPB packet processing

Scenario 1

Asterfusion® PX-T switch supports a multi-layer (from L2 to L7) traffic classification function needed to sort out ultra-fine grained traffic flows and can therefore enhance the traffic processing effectiveness of the backend analytical systems. At the same time, Asterfusion® PX-T switch can also efficiently carry out in-depth packet processing, such as packet de-duplication, content desensitization and other operations in order to meet various packet processing needs in different application scenarios, thereby fully improving the overall performance of the analytical systems.

Traffic correlation & distribution

Scenario 2

Asterfusion® PX-T switch can support the analysis and correlation marking between 3G/4G/5G signaling-plane traffic and user-plane traffic. Through the customized network element self-learning mechanism, Asterfusion® PX-T switch can segregate complete signaling-plane traffic and user-plane traffic belonging to different network elements, mark the key information from signaling-plane analysis into the specified position of collected user-plane packets, and then based on the marked information, filter and distribute collected user-plane packets to backend analysis systems.

Inner-tunnel IP tupplet load-balancing

Scenario 3

The programmable switching ASIC in Asterfusion® PX-T switch can carry out inner layer packet load-balancing function on various tunnels including GTP, GRE, MPLS, VXLAN, etc; providing customers with a cost-effective inner-tunnel IP tupplet load-balancing solution.

Basic traffic flow aggregation & distribution

Scenario 4

Asterfusion® PX-T switch contains high-density Ethernet interfaces of 10GE/25GE/40GE/100GE and can provide uniform traffic collection, aggregation and distribution functions in various network visibility environments, thus helping users build a basic network visibility platform and fulfilling the needs of data observation, presentation and value extraction.

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