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The operating system foundation for high-performance packet parsing, processing, and forwarding in open compute networks

Why FusionNOS-Framework?

  • High adaptability

    It can be deployed in diversified platforms including smart NICs, ARM-based white box servers, and various network and compute converged hardware systems.

  • Standard container deployment

    The base of FusionNOS-Franework runs with a standard Linux kernel and container deployment environment. It also provides additional ARM-based DPDK packages, which is no different from developing and deploying applications on the x86 processors.

  • Easy portability

    A variety of DPDK applications and commonly-used Linux drivers & applications developed on the x86 procssors can be quickly ported to ARM-based platforms (including Asterfusion Helium Smart NIC) through a simple re-compilation process.

Value Propositions

Agile application development

The modular design of FusionNOS not only shorten application development cycle but also minimizes interference to existing business operations and hence increase agility of application developments.

Smooth service expansion

Various services in FusionNOS are provided in the virtual container format, which can support on-demand deployment, migration and smooth expansion, increasing customers’ flexibility in network construction and reconstruction.

Expert Support Services

Asterfusion can provide FusionNOS-Framwork customers with a full range of expert support services and develop specific solution packages that can serve customers’ best interests.

Application Scenarios

Intelligent Network Interface Card

Scenario 1

With FusionNOS-Framework, customers can develop applications in the areas of OVS offload, NFV function offload, 5G UPF, SSL decryption, and network visibility on Asterfusion’s smart NIC hardware platform.

ARM-based White Box Server

Scenario 2

With FusionNOS-Framework, customers can offload various virtual networking functions in VPC edge gateways onto Asterfusion’s ARM-based white-box server for various open computing applications.

Network & Compute Convergence Hardware Platform

Scenario 3

With FusionNOS-Framework, customers can develop various applications in the areas of Layer-4 load balancing, VPC gateway, 5G-UPF onto Asterfusion’s network & compute convergence hardware platforms such as CX312P-48Y switches.

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