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Asterfusion® NX SDN Switch

Supports OpenFlow standard protocol for high-value SDN deployment scenarios such as security service function chaining

Product Specs

Product modelInterfaceSwitching Capacity
24 x 10GE SFP+


48 x 10GE SFP+


24 x 10GE SFP+, 2 x 100GE QSFP28


24 x 10GE SFP+, 2 x 100GE QSFP28


48 x 10GE SFP+, 4 x 100GE QSFP28


48 x 10GE SFP+, 6 x 100GE QSFP28


32 x 100GE QSFP28


Why Asterfusion® NX Switches?

  • Full SDN Adoption

    The Asterfusion® NX switches adopt the OpenFlow standard protocol and can fully adapt to various SDN deployment scenarios. With the OpenFlow architecture, Asterfusion® NX switches contain have control layer and data forwarding layer, which can greatly simplify network OAM operations and allow for flexible traffic forwarding functions.

  • High performance SSL encryption and decryption functions

    The Intelligent Service Processing Unit deployed inside the Asterfusion® NX switches can carry out high-performance SSL encryption and decryption functions with widely adopted encryption suites and algorithms. With this SSL function, Asterfusion® NX switches can now decrypt and expose invisible content buried inside enormous volume of HTTPS messages and hence eliminate network security blind spots. This high-performance SSL function is an optional feature in the Asterfusion® NX switches.

  • Flexible FDB (Forwarding Data Base) Configurations

    Based on the protocol independent switching architecture, the FDB memory inside the Asterfusion® NX switches can be easily adjusted and reconfigured depending on various network deployment scenarios, and thus eliminating wasteful FDB memory resource and maximizing FDB memory utilization.

  • Protocol Independent Packet Forwarding

    Asterfusion® NX switches can carry out protocol independent packet forwarding function at the line rate and therefore, can rapidly adapt to new emerging and/or proprietary protocols if necessary. Even running with existing legacy protocols, network administers can still customize packet forwarding rules inside Asterfusion® NX switches that would best benefit their business applications.

Application Scenarios


Overhaul network border security architecture

Scenario 1

The security service chaining solution provided by Asterfusion NX switches can overhaul the network border security architecture and resolve the poor scalability, low utilization and low availability issues commonly found in the traditional network borders.
Coupled with third-party or in-house developed SDN controllers, resources in security edge nodes (including physical and virtual) can be easily pooled and orchestrated together for various network deployments and business applications.

SDN Deployments

Scenario 2

In a standard SDN network, Asterfusion® NX switches can be used as access switches and aggregation switches. Through the protocol independent switch architecture, Asterfusion® NX switches can scale FDB memory capacity needed for large-scale SDN network deployments and at the same time refine data plane forwarding functions for cloud data center business application optimization.

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