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A foundational network operating system built for open and protocol-independent networks, accelerating the development cycle of open networking systems

Why AsterNOS-Framework?

  • Network Innovation Platform

    AsterNOS-Framework includes key software components ranging from ASIC drivers, device drivers, system management all the way to network operating system and associated design, compilation, and release environment. It provides an innovation platform for network developers to create their own unique business applications quickly and efficiently.

  • Standard-compliant Foundational System

    AsterNOS-Framework is a standards-compliant foundational system. It supports protocol independent data plane functions through standard P4 Runtime interface defined by the P4.org. It supports control and management functions through mainstream implementations including gNMI/gRPC, REST API, Redis, YANG, etc., and thus ensuring the interoperation of network applications with the industry’s open ecosystem.

  • Integration of P4 Programmability

    AsterNOS-Framework integrates P4Runtime as a container to receive data plane requests from the control/management plane to the P4 switch chip. These requests will then be converted into functional calls to the P4 switch SDK and downloaded into the switch chip. On the opposite direction, status information generated from the P4 switch chp will be converted into the responses messages and sent back to the control/management plane.

  • Comprehensive DevOps Process

    AsterNOS-Framework also offers a comprehensive DevOps process to network developers and relief them from tedious and repetitive OAM workloads. This DevOps process includes software version control, regular & on-demand upgrade, auto configuration & installation, etc.

  • SONiC-Light in the kernel

    For easy porting and wide adoptation, AsterNOS-Framework includes a light-weight SONiC, SONiC-Light, in its kernel. The SONiC-Light still retains the following key characteristics of SONiC:

    • hardware and software separation
    • standard Linux kernel
    • component containerization
    • system management framework
    • Redis database for functional containers to preserve and synchronize system configuration and status information.

Value Propositions

One-stop integrated development environment of open network innovation

AsterNOS-Framework with integrated data plane and control/management plane functions provides an innovation open network innovation platform.

Light-weight SONiC kernel for easy porting and wide adoption

AsterNOS-Framework with SONiC-Light kernel retains key characteristics of SONiC but with small code footprint can reduce the new network application development cost and lead to wide adoption.

Integrated DevOps process for OpEx reduction

AsterNOS-Framework with integrated DevOps process can reduce the OpEx cost and relief network developers from tedious and repetitive OAM workloads.

Stanard compliant for Interoperation

AsterNOS-Framework with standard compliant interfaces can ensure the interoperation of network applications with the industry’s open ecosystem.

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