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An ARM/x86-based operating system for complex network functions and intelligent NPB

Why FusionNOS?

  • High Adaptability

    FusionNOS can support both physical deployments on ARM/x86 processor platforms and virtual deployments on VMware, KVM, Container as well as various cloud platforms.This high adaptability of deployment platforms could reduce the burden of new application development on FusionNOS and increase the agility of networking services.

  • Open REST API interface

    FusionNOS supports automated deployment in cloud network environment and provides element-based and function-based REST API interfaces, which can be called through the AFC to configure and manage NPB policies; The same function-based REST APIs can also be called by cloud OS for cloud data center operation automation and orchestration.

  • Rich Functioality

    Besides basic NPB functions such as replication, aggregation and load-balancing, FusionNOS can also supports complex NPB packet pre-processing functions, including packet time-stamping, payload obfuscation, SSL decryption, IP fragment reassembly, TCP packet reordering, packet truncation & de-duplication, tunnel encapsulation & decapsulation. With these rich NPB functionalities, FusionNOS can greatly improve the processing efficiency of back-end application systems and effectively reduce deployment complexity and total CapEx.

  • Modular Design

    With the modular design model of network functional elements, complex functional processing in FusionNOS can be easily constructed and deployed from the combination of the network functional elements. This modular design model not only reduces the overall development and operational cost but also minimizes the potential interference of new application developments to existing business operations and hence increase overall system stability.

Value Propositions


Lower total cost

The high adaptability of FusionNOS to the common hardware platform means lower CapEx. The modular design of FusionNOS increases sharing efficiency of business processing resources and hence lower OpEx.


Smooth service expansion

Various services in FusionNOS are provided in the virtual container format, which can support on-demand deployment, migration and smooth expansion, increasing customers’ flexibility in network construction and reconstruction.


Agile application development

The modular design of FusionNOS not only shorten application development cycle but also minimizes interference to existing business operations and hence increase agility of application developments.

Framework version of FusionNOS for developers

Application Scenarios

Intelligent NPB processing

Scenario 1

In the scenarios where data centers need to have a highly agile and highly resilient infrastructure for rapid evolving business models and applications, Asterfusion® CX-T switches can support protocol-independent switching functions such as flexible adjustment of FDB space, new or proprietary protocols parsing, multi-path resilient-hash packet forwarding, and fine-grained congestion control. Coupled with Asterfusion control plane software (AsterNOS) and intelligent fabric controller (AFC), Asterfusion® CX3-T and CX5-T cloud switches with 100G interconnection capability can be used to build up 2-tier spine-leaf mesh networks with superb horizontal scalability and multi-service bearing capability.

SSL Decryption

Scenario 2

FusionNOS can comprehensively monitor SSL client requests, decrypt the connection between SSL client and server, and provide the decrypted content to the backend security monitoring systems. FusionNOS SSL capability can be widely used for application monitoring of large enterprise networks.

Signaling plane & data plane traffic correlation

Scenario 3

FusionNOS can correlate 3G/4G/5G signaling-plane traffic and data-plane traffic, tag the signaling-plane information onto the data-plane traffic and then analyze and segregate data-plane traffic based on tagged signaling plane information.

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